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The Complete Observing System For Roulette Game
Game Observer is a unique network system for monitoring the complete roulette game. It consists of three basic parts:
  1. Read the winning number and display it on the panel display
  2. Central Panel
  3. Central Monitoring System for management of the roulette wheel
Winning Number Display Panel
The system is based on a reading of the winning numbers from CCTV camera's. Specially designed algorithm ensures a quick read of that number and show it on the display, even in adverse lighting conditions. The system is compatible with all the usual roulette wheels, regardless of their manufacturer. The display can display the winning number, history, game statistics and other information. The system has 2-step automated calibration.
is Roulette


Reception system CENTREX ecReception is a complete tool for automated visitor records of the casinos and similar premises. It is designed to fully meet the requirement of the Act No. 253/2008Sb., which is against the legalization of the proceeds of crime and terrorist financing and not only that.

Due to the unique concept of data replication, an operator enjoys substantial acceleration, comfort, and also increased security when working with customer data. There are many usefull tools for marketing, security management and also for statistical purposes. All of them are within a single investment.

The biggest benefit of the CENTREX ecReception system is in the potential for a centralized database and data replication between locations. The client’s data are registered in the system ecReception after the actual visit and also occurs their so-called “replication” – that’s mean, that the client’s data are in the secure transmission over the internet to a central database, where they are automatically distributed to other branches of the chain. For speeding up the handling of individual customers, there is the possibility of using the ID card scanner. The client’s data are then stored in a local database for subsequent processing. This scanner can be used to archive more information about the client, e.g. there is a possibility to assign a photo to client’s data.

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