The Complete Observing System For Roulette Game
GameObserver is a unique network system for monitoring the complete roulette game. It consists of three basic parts:
  1. Read the winning number and display it on the panel display
  2. Central Panel
  3. Central Monitoring System for management of the roulette wheel
Winning Number Display Panel
The system is based on a reading of the winning numbers from CCTV camera's. Specially designed algorithm ensures a quick read of that number and show it on the display, even in adverse lighting conditions. The system is compatible with all the usual roulette wheels, regardless of their manufacturer. The display can display the winning number, history, game statistics and other information. The system has 2-step automated calibration.
  1. Capturing number by CCTV camera
  2. Fast detection of the winning number and wide range of the game statistics
  3. Clear S-IPS LCD monitor with wide viewing options
  4. Compatible with all the roulette wheels
  5. Automatic calibration
  6. The stability and robustness, resistance for shocks and light changes
  7. The possibility of a manual keyboard control
  8. The possibility of a dealer registration for each win number
  9. Monitoring cash flow for each roulette table
GameObserver - Central Panel Central Panel Software
Allows you to view the history and statistics of the individual game on a central screen, with the possibility of inserting commercial spots, short information messages, TV broadcasting etc. The panel can be connected to 2, 3 or 4 roulette tables.
Central Monitoring System
This software allows authorized person access to all of the game statistics and the history of events, including a graphic display of the statistics, winning numbers, or an overview of cash flow on each table.
    GameObserver - Central Panel
  1. Access via Internet
  2. Support for Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, etc.
  3. History of winning number
  4. Event history
  5. Reports and graphs of real-time, hourly, daily, monthly and yearly statistics


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Casino SAPA, Prague