information about company

LEADCOM s.r.o., is a software company focused on developing software and custom applications.

We are developing software solutions for gaming industry, casinos and online gaming system. We can also supply related hardware solutions, either as whole part, or only as a part of the solution for integration into higher units.

The main goal of our business is to create a rational and economical software solution. Those, that will let our clients to implement new business ideas, really improve productivity and contribute to increase competitiveness. To achieve our goals, we promote as a fundamental strategy to build a long-term, fair and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.

Our strategy is based on the fact that the required solutions are delivered with a high quality and within very short time, whether it is a simple application for specific tasks, or large complex enterprise information systems.

Each of our products, have to meet the criteria imposed on the current information technology. Thanks to that, we could build our standards, which can guarantee a solution to our partners on a professional level and provide the expected return of investment.